It seems like just about every good can be found online these days, often with a handy app to boot. Online personal trainers, doctors appointments, counseling, kits for checking genetic dispositions, allergy tests, and more. One would think prescriptions would be just the same. Oh wait…they are!

Over the last few years a growing cohort of online prescription services, instant telemedicine appointments, and supplement curation services have surfaced online. And these aren’t the mail order pharmacies of year’s past. Online pharmacies and supplement services of today offer nearly instant prescription verification, access to prescribing doctors, discreet next-day delivery, lab testing, and highly customized supplement plans.

Quick Picks

As seasoned health and online product reviewers, we’ve decided to put forth a guide on the very best fully legal online supplement and prescription services of today!

For Quick Access to Doctors:

Even those with longstanding prescription needs can periodically need to get their prescription re-evaluated (and re-prescribed), that’s where comes into play. With access to a prescribing doctor within two hours during the business day, no other value service comes close. Additionally, LemonaidHealth has particularly streamlined services for a variety of common ailments and testing procedures.

Common ailments for which you can obtain monthly delivery entirely online through LemonaidHealth include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Birth Control
  • Hair Loss
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Genital Herpes
  • Cold Sores

Treatment services that can be delivered or picked up at a pharmacy include:

  • Birth Control Rings
  • Birth Control Patches
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • UTIs
  • Sinus Infections
  • Hair Loss
  • Stop Smoking
  • Acid Reflux
  • Acne
  • Flu
  • Cholesterol

Additionally, lab tests are available through your local Quest Diagnostics for the following services:

  • STD Testing
  • A1C Blood Sugar Testing
  • Cholesterol Testing
  • Blood Type Testing

As with many telemedicine providers, LemonaidHealth also provides access to anxiety and depression coaching, as well as counseling.

The Process

The process at LemonaidHealth is simple. Fill out a questionnaire and for some prescriptions provide your blood pressure. If you’ve started this process during business hours, you should be able to connect via video with a doctor or nurse practitioner within 2 minutes to validate your prescription and ask a few questions. Finally, you select whether you want your prescriptions delivered directly to you or called in to a local pharmacy. It’s as simple as that!

  • Homepage
  • Starting Price: $25 for a “visit” to validate prescriptions

Best Male-Centered Online Medicine Site:

ForHims is a site built around the — data-backed — idea that men find it hard to talk with primary care doctors and ask for the help they need. This is particularly true of matters related to reproductive health and looks. To aid in this issue, ForHims got together a team of men’s health experts and assembled a line of discreetly packaged generic male-specific pharmaceuticals. While all Hims products do require a prescription, once you’ve passed the initial hurdle many products are subscription based and sent directly to your door. Don’t have a prescription? Get one online with one of For Hims’ partner doctors.

The Process:

Log onto the app or site and create a profile that includes current data like what you normal blood pressure readings are. Provide a prescription you already have or talk with one of ForHim’s doctors live. Then choose the products you would like including a range of supplements as well as “him”-specific pharmaceuticals. They’ll arrive in a discreet package with free shipping once a month. Then sit back and enjoy not having to meet up with your primary care or specialist doctor locally!

  • Homepage
  • Starting Price: Depends on Your Treatment

Best Female-Centered Online Medicine

Nurx is your one-stop shop for routine female sexual health support online. Whether you’re preventatively exploring birth control options or need to get tested for an STI, Nurx has you covered. Similar to Pandia Health (below), birth control options start at just $15/month, and all of the most common birth control and sexual health product types are available. Nurx makes sure to share the fact that a large percentage of their clients with insurance actually pay nothing at all. One aspect that truly sets Nurx apart from other sites online that primarily focus on birth control is that Nurx offers a wide range of testing, screening, and even preventative measures for protecting against HIV. We should note that while Nurx is our favorite female-centered online medicine site, that product lines including STI testing and HIV prep are both gender non-specific.

The Process:

Nurx is built around three central precepts: choice, control, and freedom. Their process achieves all three by providing one of the widest product ranges of reproductive health-related products online with an easy onboarding process. Simply fill out a questionaire supplying details relavent to your potential subscription, let Nurx’s doctors take a look, then order your reproductive health products (often on a subscription basis). Nurx offers hundreds of choices for birth control, letting you find your favorite products online.

Runner Up Female-Centered Online Medicine Site:

There are some online health platforms that offer everything under the sun. And then there are some that do one thing really well. PandiaHealth is the latter, and is perhaps the premier online source for birth control treatments (including emergency contraception) online. This women’s reproductive health platform is streamlined, has transparent pricing, and makes it quick and easy to review your options for birth control whether you have a prescription of not. Don’t have a prescription yet? Meet up with a doctor online, quickly review your health profile, and get a prescription in the mail or your local pharmacy in days.

The Process:

PandiaHealth is incredibly up front about what they have to offer, how you get it, and what it costs. Have a prescription for birth control? Provide your current doctor or pharmacy’s info and get Pandia to ship you your next birth control packet. Don’t have a prescription? Pay a $29 fee, fill out a health form, get a quick turnaround meetup with a health care provider online, and get your prescription filled right then. Pandia Health products cost $15/packet without insurance, and free with most major insurance carriers.

Best Supplement Store Online:

Of course you can use Amazon for herbal supplements. But don’t you want to deal with an organization that truly specializes in supplements and herbs? has been around for close to 25 years, and just recently moved into a 360,000 square foot climate-controlled warehouse filled with natural remedies. Unlike other providers on this list, no prescription is needed for anything for sale on iHerb. But that doesn’t mean supplements and traditional remedies on the site don’t work!

The Process: is a standard ecommerce site where you browse through categories and product pages, add supplements to your cart and have them delivered to you. Where iHerb really excels is the fact that they’ve specialized in herbal supplements for so long. Even obscure herbal categories have plenty of options for site visitors. And all supplements are categorized by the human systems they’re meant to interact with. While you can search for specific supplements on other ecommerce sites, iHerb helps you discover supplements you likely haven’t heard of depending on the bodily system or ailment you’re looking to address.

  • Homepage
  • Starting Price: Depends on Supplement